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Benefits of hardwood
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hardwood floors
installing hardwood floors
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Benefits of Hardwood Floors
installing hardwood floors
The benefits of hardwood floors over carpet floors is enormous. In a national survey, 90% of real estate agents said that homes with hardwood floors sell faster. Some benefits of hardwood floors are:
  • Hardwood floors don't attract dustmites
  • Hardwood floors are easy to clean
  • Hardwood floors resist stains
  • You can refinish hardwood floors
  • Hardwood floors allow your home to breathe
  • Hardwood floors are less likely to warp, buckle, gap or squeak
  • Hardwood floors add structural strength to your home
  • Hardwood floors can be installed anywhere in your home
  • Various types of wood available for hardwood floors
  • Hardwood floors lower the risk of allergic reactions
  • Hardwood floors add long-term value to your home
  • Hardwood floors are long lasting
  • Hardwood floors do not trap moisture in your home
  • Hardwood floors may not attract pet odors
  • You can stain or apply stencils for
Caring for Hardwood Floors
refinishing hardwood floors
Hardwood floors, when taken care of properly, will last a very long time. Some key things to remember for the maintenance of hardwood floors:
  • All types of furniture on hardwood floors should be padded with protectors
  • Heavy items on hardwood floors should have caster cups under legs
  • Area rugs on hardwood floors that have a jute back or be padded
  • UV light may change the color of your hardwood floors over the years
  • Moving a refrigerator with out protection could cause severe damage to your hardwood floors.
  • Hardwood floors with stained finishes need more care and protection
  • Never tape directly to the hardwood floors finish. The tape may dissolve the finish over time
  • Never allow spiked heels with hard tips on your hardwood floors. They can exert mega pounds per square inch on your hardwood floors
  • Sliding boxes or other materials across your hardwood floors may destroy the finish
In addition to the above, hardwood floors need to be protected before you even install them.
Before your hardwood floors are delivered you should check the job site and be sure your hardwood floors won't be exposed to excessive periods of high-humidity or moisture. The typical 6-mil poly that is used under hardwood floors as a moisture retarder could actually do damage to your hardwood floors. The 6-mil poly cannot vent moisture and may actually draw it upwards into your hardwood floors. Over time, mold and mildew may form causing a damp and musty smell. In addition, the alkalines in concrete can eat away the 6-mil poly leaving your hardwood floors with no protection. Using  installing hardwood floors instructions's high-density 24-mil membrane under your hardwood floors as a subfloor provides permanent protection for hardwood floors by providing moisture drainage, protecting against alkalines and resisting fungi and bacteria. It also replaces all the other materials needed to install hardwood floors thus saving you time and money. Wherever you install hardwood floors, use  how to install hardwood floors to provide the ultimate care for your hardwood floors.


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