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Hard Wood Flooring Facts
hard wood laminate flooring
Hard wood flooring cannot be installed on a surface that has more that 8% moisture. However in the situations where a builder is rushed and the concrete is still green, they builder may put down a low-density 6-mil-poly. Your hard wood flooring requires permanent protection and drainage of moisture for the life of your wood flooring materials. All traditional hard wood flooring subfloor systems cannot provide this long term. It doesn't matter if your using wood planks, plywood, 4-6 mil low-density poly, mastic or even a combination of these for a subfloor, they cannot offer the complete permanent protection for your hard wood flooring that provides and guarantees.


6-mil-poly's & Hard Wood Flooring
hard wood flooring installation
A vapor barrier such as a 6-mil-poly is traditionally used under hard wood flooring. We don't recommend using a 6-mil-poly under your hard wood flooring as it can actually damage your wood flooring materials instead of protecting them. A 6-mil-poly under your hard wood flooring:
  • Can attract mold and mildew
  • Draw moisture to the hard wood flooring
  • Does not allow your home or wood flooring to breathe
  • Can retard the curing of concrete
  • May not resist alkalines
  • Does not provide drainage abilities
All hard wood flooring needs moisture to be drained and kept away. A 6-mil-poly is unable to do this and can leave your hard wood flooring unprotected and vulnerable.


Wood Subfloors & Hard Wood Flooring
prefinished hard wood flooring
Any kind of wood subfloor under your hard wood flooring will be affected by excessive periods of high-humidity or moisture. Even if it's pressure treated, over time it will still twist and warp or start to squeak and can actually push the nails out of your hard wood flooring. In addition using a wood subfloor under your hard wood flooring will be very time consuming to install and expensive. Once you add the prices for the lumber, plywood, nails, mastic, 6-mil-poly and the hours per person to install it, it comes to well over a dollar per square foot for substandard protection.


hard wood flooring protection & Hard Wood Flooring
 finishing hard wood flooring
Superseal's subfloor membrane for wood flooring in moderately priced and has an air gap. This air gap keeps your hard wood flooring material away from the concrete slab and creates the necessary drainage space for your wood flooring.
Below are some of the benefits hard wood flooring protection offers your hard wood flooring and home:

  • Won't warp, squeak, twist or degrade
  • Low cost
  • Typical room installations can be done by 1 person quickly and easily in less than an hour
  • Can be installed on wet or uncured concrete
  • Prevents moisture seepage from capillary action
  • Provides a drainage path for wood flooring
  • Will last as longer than your hard wood flooring
  • Helps prevent mold and mildew
  • Warms your hard wood flooring
  • Helps protect against radon gas
  • Tough enough to walk on, over 4000 PSF
  • Can be installed under ANY type of hard wood flooring
  • Allows your home and wood flooring to breath
  • Doesn't need a fastening system to install wood flooring
  • Provides a permanent barrier for wood flooring
  • Bridges gaps and cracks
  • Resistant to fungi and bacteria
  • Impervious to alkalines
  • Saves headroom
  • Eliminates nail popping
Using hard wood flooring finishing's high-density 24-mil membrane under your hard wood flooring provides the ultimate protection for any kind of wood flooring.

Why install an inadequate subfloor for your hard wood flooring at more than twice the price and effort?
Do it right. Do it once. Do it foreverů with hard wood flooring reconstruction.


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